Make Your Own Beats

Welcome to Make Your Own Beats UK, a website here to help you make better beats. If you’ve ever been interested in music production, now is the time to do something about it! Throughout this website we will give you tips, tricks, and guides on how to become a better music producer. You won’t find many resources online better then this, so bookmark this page and check back for regular updates.

Can Anyone Make Their Own Beats?

So, can anyone make their own beats? Simple answer: Yes. It has become so easy for people to pick up some cheap music production software and start producing music straight away. Is doesn’t matter if you’re from the UK, the USA, or anywhere else in the world. If you have a computer you can make your own beats… And lots of them!

Should Your Make Your Own Beats Online?

Should you produce your music online or offline? Answer: You should produce your music offline every time. When you have beat maker software that relies on an internet connection, many things can go wrong. If you internet disconnects during a save for example, there is the chance that all your work will get wiped out.

Another reason you shouldn’t make beats online, is because the quality isn’t too good. To make the audio files move around quicker, they are compressed. This means they have lost quality, and your beats won’t turn out as well s they should.

If you’re going to make your own beats, do so using an offline program.

What Is The Best Software To Make Your Own Beats?

There are a lot of different beat maker softwares on the market, but which is the right one for you? Well, It depends on what you budget is like and how experienced a producer you are. If you’re learning how to make your own beats still, you may want to go for cheaper software such as DubTurbo. This is a good quality beat maker program that will cost you well under $50.

If you are an experienced producer that wants to learn more advanced equipment however, you may want to go for something like Logic or Cuebase. Both of these are considered industry standard music production software, but cost a few hundred dollars each. Only get these if you have been making your own beats for a good while now and are ready to take the next level.

Cheap Music Production Software

If you’re a beginner producer, there is no point buying expensive software that is complicated to use. I’d recommend using cheap beat making software such as DubTurbo. This is perfectly fine for making good quality beats, but is cheap to buy at the same time.

How To Produce Music

You use a selection of basses, melody and beat arrangements to produce your own music. When you put these together in harmony you get your instrumental. You need some beat making software to be able to do this, as this software will have all the instruments you need to make your songs installed on it already. You can upload more instruments onto most software in order to give you more sounds. The more sounds you have, the wider variety of music you can produce. If you have a variety of sounds, you can make your own beats in a lot of different ways.

How To Produce Music like Dr Dre

If you want to make beats like the professionals, you need a lot of practice. While the software you use will effect you, mostly it’s about how your structure your beats. You need to use the right sounds, and in the right order. It can take time to reach this level, although some people can get to this level sooner then later. Master your ear for sounds and you have a good chance of making top quality songs.

Make Your Own Beats Final Word

As time goes on, I will be updating this website with new tips and tricks on how to produce music like a professional. If you have any article requests, please contact us via the contact page. But enough talking, it’s time to make your own beats!


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